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Exclamation Fix Flower Loudness meter please...

At first it worked just fine, but when I created a mastering combi to sort out my sounds, making it more crystal clear, the loudness meter went completely berserk on the signal, and made my monitors scream insanely loud for no reason at all.

I had to direct the mastering combi to the master out, and therefore I had to route the loudness meter somewere else to make it work. I had the master volume turned down, due to my speaker being weird and they doesn't sync to each-other unless I use RCA cables, which I don't. Currently using XLR, and I'm forced to turn down up or down on the speakers, OR in the master volume in Reason.

I tried to connect the Flower meter to the control output in the master section, and it worked fined if I had put the master volume to like -30db, which is almost nothing, but when I got close to about -9db on the master volume, then my monitors went absolutely mad and I had to quickly turn down the volume in fear of they would blow to the "squeal" sound they made.... After that I tried to remove the meter completely after a few failed attempt to connect the meter in other ways, and after it got removed, everything worked perfectly again!
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