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Originally Posted by Mate View Post
Nice song Carl!

Amazing use of Antidote, music is fantastic, great collab guys!
Most of this is Carl - great skill! I particularly liked his bass riffs and the use of portamento and pitch bending.

Originally Posted by AnthonyMichaelAngelo View Post
Nice powerful snare. Liking these melodies.
Thanks! There's a few different drum samples here, all variations of the TR-909 kit, and different FX processing.

Originally Posted by UberJimm View Post
REALLY like the change-up at 2:19. Nice to see people putting Antidote to such melodic use. It's quickly becoming one of my go-to instruments these days. The backing vox in the chorus ('come back to me!') sounds like vintage mid-80's Depeche. Possibly "Set Me Free (Remotivate Me)' era or thereabouts. Good job, lads!


Thanks Jimm. Yep Carl's vocals, and the way he mixes his vocals, is great.

I'm lucky he wants to work with me too. I can't sing for a start, let alone write lyrics!

Re the change-up, thanks - one of my personal goals is to get better at synth solos, both the melodies and the keyboard skills to play them.

Originally Posted by ryszard View Post
It's interesting to observe the body of work that you two are generating. This is not my favorite but it is still engaging and definitely of a piece with the others. You have a distinctive and consistent style. I think you should consider studying up on promotion, making yourselves known, and releasing some of this stuff.


Very kind Richard - thanks!

Would you have any recommendations on approaches to promoting, or good reads?

Originally Posted by shiny64 View Post
pretty nice song lads, very 80s sounding (petshop boys/new order).

I like it a lot, well done

does anyone else have a problem with antidote saying that your computer is too slow when you have a few instances of it?
My computer is ultra fast i7 with a ton of ram so I know my computer should be more than capable of running without any problems, it only does it with Antidote.

keep up the good work

Thanks Ritchie.
There's 15 Antidote instances in this song from memory (can load it up and check if you like), I have an I7 2600, 16GB RAM, Windows 8, and the DSP showed about 30% load. So your machine should be fine.
It's odd that it is only Antidote causing the problem for you.
First things I'd be checking (and apologies if the basic ones here are insulting your intelligence!):
- what does the task manager/performance charts show is happening? maybe running out of some other resources
- what other applications or services are running, competing for CPU or memory
- is ASIO being used effectively for your audio interface, what is the buffer size etc. I find ASIO4ALL is better than the native Focusrite drivers for my Scarlet 2i2.
- close other Reason song windows. When I leave other songs open, I get "computer too slow" messages.

Originally Posted by scoobyman View Post
I like the darker quality. Nice branching out on this one.
Thanks! Credit to Carl for the edgy sound!

Originally Posted by tincture View Post
Another good tune guys. The injection of new elements kept me interested, love the bass line and good sound again.
Thanks Zac! Was great fun!