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As rushdown said, the Line 6 Amp device in Reason will open full POD Farm / Gear Box patches.

It will not open "dual tone" patches, that have two separate chains. You can use the two tones from a dual tone patch by first opening it in POD Farm, then "Remove Tone A" or "Remove Tone B," saving two single tone patches which will open in Reason. Then you have to replicate the routing using a splitter and mixer or other method.

The best way to use an amp device in Reason is as an insert effect in a Audio Track device:

1. Create Audio Track
2. Show insert FX
3. Right click the shown devices area -> Studio FX -> Line 6 Guitar Amp

Reason will automatically route it as an insert effect for the audio track.
You may have to alter the routing for mono -> stereo routing, etc.