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Originally Posted by QVprod View Post
All macs will run Reason well. You're pretty much good with any of them. Everything else comes down to whether you want your mac to be expandable (able to upgrade hard drives, ram...etc...) Afaik the mackbook air and the retina display macbook pro are not. All the other specs are just the same as any pc you would look at.

All macs do NOT run reason well.

You have very limited options in the Mac world if you want to run Reason efficiently. Your options are as follows.

1. Late 2012 iMac i7 (and the generation before) Will work extremely well with little to zero DSP issues.

2. MacPro - Any model will rock (Xeons trounces the i7 and will give you more options but they are expensive!)

3. MacbookPro QuadCore i7 - This the machine I use when I am touring and want to work on new material... very fast and stable but not the cheapest laptop.

4. Mac Mini i7 SERVER - Believe it or not... for $999 you can have a really performant music production machine.

Contrary to popular belief... Macs can be upgraded with relative ease (depending on your technical acumen). Here are your upgrade options...

1. iMac i7 - Upgrade-able CPU, Hard Drive and Ram
2. MacPro - Everything is upgradeable
3. MacbookPro i7 - Hard Drive and Ram (I am unsure of the CPU)
4. Mac Mini i7 Server - Hard Drive, Ram and CPU.

I know it sounds like "vaporware" but believe their support for failing or damaged Hardware is second to none (While I use OS X I am by far not a fan boy so that says a lot)

Nothing less than 8GB will suffice. Your definitely better off with 16GB.

I hope you have not been undue influenced by erroneous information but I can assure you that what is mentioned above is accurate and verifiable.

One last thing...
If you do go with the Apple protection plan, please note that upgrading anything outside of the HD or Ram will void the plan. So make sure you get the configuration you want to use for the duration of the protection plan (ie 3 years).

Best of luck!

P.S. The aforementioned information is based on the assumption that you will be making professional mixes that require significant amount of DSP power in Reason which of course is understandable if you have a project with 48+ tracks. Even if you are starting out with just mixing 16-24 tracks you still want a system that will be able to grow with you which is why if you are going with an "i" series Intel processor I highly recommend that it be an i7.

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