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Originally Posted by nickmorgan19457 View Post
My 2011 2.5g i5 iMac with 4 gigs of ram handles everything I've tried to do with Reason yet. You don't NEED an i7, but if you can justify the cost, go for it.
1. Of course you do not NEED an i7, that is why I used the word "recommendation" as it is recommended but not absolutely necessary

2. An i5 with 4gb will work for simpler projects... but DEFINITELY will not run efficiently with more complex projects running scores of RE's, streaming studio a capella stems from the HD, etc.

3. Resolution is key here... if you are making music at a starting resolution of 44.1/16 then an i5 would be adequate and you would have a little more headroom with DSP bandwidth. Unfortunately many of today's samples and sounds are released in 48/25bit format which eats up more DSP.

4. To put it bluntly the difference between an i5 and an i7 is like the difference between a Ford Mustang and a 500 series AMG. I think that is a pretty big distinction worth noting.

5. The justification in cost is based on the size and complexities of your projects. A project on my older 2011 i5 imac with 8gb of Ram takes about 30 - 40% more DSP usage than any of my macbook i7's (both retina and non retina).

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