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Reason Ultimate Control!

How many of you are sick and tired of having to use these 3rd party surface controllers to control Reason? I have an M-audio Axiom 61 along with an Akai MPD 32 and I'm tired of these poor mapping control surfaces that are trying a one size fit all concept! We need our own control surface just dedicated to Reason! We also need to incorporate Recycle in the next upgrade of Reason! Since you've incorporated Record with Reason 6 Recycle should also be included! I feel like Reason should be one continuous working Environment!

It makes it so difficult to try to control the Fabulous SSL 9000 board with a mouse and these so so control surfaces! Abelton Live which works very well with Reason had Akai create the best control surface device dedicated to Abelton Live called the Akai Apc 40 which I just broke down and bought today! I need total control over my DAW! It is my hope that Propellerhead will develop a hardware usb driven control surface where dedicated Reason owners such as myself can access every Knob every Fader and every button in Reason without ever having to use the mouse again! Steinberg did it for Cubase and Nuendo with their Steinberg Houston Mission Control and yes I have both and I also Have the Steinberg Houston Mission Control Surface and I have to say when you have a control surface that allows you to access every program and module and parameter with a twist of a knob or the slide of a fader or a push of a button it takes your creativity to a whole other level!

With reason 6.5 and the new Rack Extensions Reason is on course to be the best Digital Audio Workstation on the Planet! The only thing that is holding Reason back from attaining Worldwide Music Domination is a dedicated control surface just for Reason! So I ask you again can we get a Dedicated Control Surface For Reason And Reason Only!!! Thank you and Happy New years To Everyone at Propellerhead! Yours Truly CUZN BEDROCK!

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