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Originally Posted by cuznbedrock View Post
How many of you are sick and tired of having to use these 3rd party surface controllers to control Reason? I have an M-audio Axiom 61 along with an Akai MPD 32 and I'm tired of these poor mapping control surfaces that are trying a one size fit all concept! We need our own control surface just dedicated to Reason! We also need to incorporate Recycle in the next upgrade of Reason! Since you've incorporated Record with Reason 6 Recycle should also be included! I feel like Reason should be one continuous working Environment!
Wow...dude,I'm amazed that you have not heard of the Nektar the 49 key version has been around for a year or so and recently,Nektar made a 61 key.
I ended up going with the M-Audio 2nd generation Axiom(only because I couldn't wait for the 61 version to hit the market and for $ was a great buy.
I still plan on eventually buying the Nektar 61....but it's a bit pricey though... as it's $600(worth every penny I'm sure though)...especially since it's the only one of it's kind...I mean-as far as I'm aware,no one else makes such a product with this level of comprehensive control.