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Originally Posted by elwoodblues1969 View Post
Maybe this isn't a genre that's not too appealing to me in general...but although I liked the intro,I grew tired of it it's just too minimal for my pallet.In fact,it sounds like one giant intro & I don't think headphones & celestial pictures would help.
I do love film and film-like scores..but in my opinion,music-in of itself,has the ability to paint a detailed landscape in one's mind that can be transcendental...provided that it's properly structured with an ample amount of content.

It's probably a matter of taste to be honest. Quite often the soundtracks that resonate most are the ones which are more minimal. I regularly find that soundtracks that are too saturated with sounds can detract from films etc. as it feels like the director doesn't trust you to form the correct emotional response without excessive prompting.

I think you're making the mistake of assuming that I was aiming for this track to be a narrative journey of sorts when I was trying to capture a mood. That's why the sound doesn't progress in any profound way.