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Originally Posted by creativemind75 View Post
I have a dynamic mic (Pro Sound) running through a Behringer 502 USB Mixer/Audio Interface into Reason 6.5. My vocals however, sound a bit dry, and don't sound professional enough to me, and I want to improve them. They sound alright, they aren't bad, but I want them better. Someone said compressing them will help. Would a condenser mic improve them as well? or what else can I do in Reason to improve them, and I don't mean effects that dramatically change them like Pulveriser or whatever, just something to give them a more profession quality of the overall sound. Thanks!
It's been my experience that an audio interface's pre-amps is the single most important thing in the quality of vocals(aside from a decent mic) and that vocal effects are just icing on the cake.

For years,I've had difficulties with getting the depth,warmth & clarity I was looking for...that is until I decided to make the necessary investment into an audio interface above the entry level range.

Since I bought my Presonus AudioBox 44VSL,I've achieved the results I wanted(without adding any effects) & for all that this unit offers,a $300 price tag is a steal.

My advice....lose the Behringer mixer & you'll save yourself a lot of headaches.
I am not completely anti-Behringer like a lot of people are(as I have a Behringer midi controller & their 3030 series monitors are pretty decent,but there are certain items you should avoid and unfortunately,most of what Behringer makes,is sh*t.

I'm not saying that effects can't assist in improving your vocals,but having sub-standard hardware causes you to work a lot harder to achieve the results you want,whereas if you choose the proper hardware to match the quality of your DAW,then you can have those same results effortlessly...once you upgrade your hardware.