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Here is my 2 cents.

I love my Mac Mini 2.4 Core Duo mid 2010. It has run perfect but 2 days ago the FireWire port went died and the only way to fix it is a not logic this got me to thinking.

1. I love OSX and will never go back to windows.
2. For a studio a Mac Mini is Small and Silent.
3. Computer don't last for ever.
4. I have to have a computer to record.
5. I love recording it's a part of me.

So knowing this and also the fact the software keeps getting updated and needing more CPU/RAM as time goes I am going to implement a method of always having a Silent, Small computer running OSX.

The 2012 base model is $599 with Dual Core i5 and can have 8GB Ram which will have no problems running any major DAW, but given I want mine to last at least 3 years I will go with the 2.6 i7 Quad-Core and bump it up to 16 GBS and that should be a great computer for 3 years. Before the end of the 1 year warranty I buy the Apple Care for $149 and this insures my main Studio equipment and I never do anything but turn it on and make music and then turn it off.

Just a note..check out the power ratings for the 2.6 i7 QuadCore Mac Mini's they are up there with the Mac Pros...they are the real deal.

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