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Originally Posted by DNGmaestro View Post
Sound quality stopped beiing an issue since Reason 6.

You can make music sound as good or better in it as you can in ANY OTHER daw.
Right on...I couldn't agree more,as this is absolutely the case.About 4 years ago,when I was still relatively new to computers and brand new to PC software(Reason 4 was my first music program),my recordings(while significantly better renderings than what I had done using hardware workstations),were still sub par to engineering standards.
However,I never blamed Reason for my lackluster recording...not ever.

After a few months of getting my head around Reason 4,my engineering skills flourished and since then,I never had any complaints about the sound quality.....only some of the samples...but that's the case with every DAW.
As for exporting,I NEVER use the dithering function,as I always export my tracks from Reason 6.5 in 24 bit and sort out the conversion process in my Presonus S1 DAW.
On occasion,when I do export directly to CD via 16 bit,there is STILL no reason to use the dithering function.

With Reason 6.5,it's easier than ever,to render pristine quality recordings,provided that the user invests the necessary time to LEARN his/her way around Reason.

There are NO shortcuts into becoming a audio engineer-period.

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