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And an oldschool Technotrance DJ-Mix again

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Vinyl only:

1. Zyon "No Fate (Mix '93)"
2. Eskimos and Egypt "UK-USA (East New York)
3. X-103 "Acropolis"
4. DJ Bountyhunter "Aboriginal"
5. Sunbeam "La musique (c'est notre drogue)"
6. Influx "Tiny Green Spots"
7. Baphomet "The Force"
8. Genlog "Cosmic Encounter"
9. Virus "Monk (Monastery Mix)"
10. Marmion T-Dancer"
11. Jody Wisternoff "X-Psych-Thing EP. white side"
12. Ghostnote "Electrons, Black Powder and Earth Alkaly Metals"
13. Hyper "Woop Woop"
14. Mass In Orbit "Overdrive (Orbit Mix)"
15. Spicelab "We Got Spice (Spicelab Full Flavor Mix)"
16. Force Mass Motion "Force Format"
17. The Prodigy "Rhythm Of Life"
18. Yetti "Bella (Acid Eveningtahin-Mix)"
19. Signal Response "Phase Loops"
20. Section X "Modular"
21. Ghostnote "St.Rosa -> Renault 4 Parts -> Cow
22. Yinyl Junkies "W.F.S.D."
23. The Magi and Emanation "Everybody Say Love (The Prodigy Re-Mix)"
24. Interactive "Can You Hear Me Calling (Electric Basement Remix)"
25. Mistero "La Voce"
26. Flying Frogs "Il Rano"
27. Source "Analysis"
28. Omega Force "The Beast"
29. Citadel Of Chaos "Lost In Space"
30. Infarct "Brain Spasms"
31. Eternal Basement "Taking Place In You (Meditation Mix)"
32. The Postman "Elysium"
33. DJ Red Alert and Mike Slammer "Heavy Duty"
34. Filter Code "Syrus (The Original)"
35. Genlog "Eiskalt (Alien Factory Remix)"
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