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2 Macs, 2 Reasons, midi synced....almost

We are running 2 OSX machines with the same (newest) version of Reason. One machine runs Live as the master to send MIDI clock to other machine via wireless signal. Our audio is on separate channels through a mixer. We can sync perfectly unless one of us closes our reason session and opens another. For Example:

Reason 1 is running an 8 bar loop (LOOP A). Reason 2 is running a different loop (LOOP B). Reason 2 closes LOOP B and opens LOOP C. LOOP C will start with the place marker in some random place on the timeline (usually outside of the loop). Moving Reason 2 place marker is possible but will result in getting out of sync. Restarting the master control (through LIVE) will get us back in sync.

It sounds to me like a TIme Code issue since it's more of a timeline error than a tempo or beat problem. Basically we want to be able to open and close reason sessions while staying on the same place in time. An good ideas?