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Originally Posted by Seanboyle View Post
My problem is that I like Reason's audio quality better than simply my interface. I'm using an Alesis io2 interface for audio, and when I record in GarageBand, my nice acoustic guitar sounds a bit less than flattering. It sounds much better with Reason's automatic monitoring turned on, but it lags, so it's off compared to the rest of the instruments. I can turn the monitoring off, but that seems to lower the quality, and I can hear the difference. It solves the latency issue, but leaves the guitar sounding less than what it could it since it's going straight through the interface. Any ideas?
Well your best chance is to go down as much as you can in the driver settings (if any) and buffer settings in reason without crackles. It might be you can just about run the effects you need for the guitar then but then you have to bounce and record only that live and mix with larger buffer settings. Also check your DPC latency with tools like DPC latency test ( and latency mon: ( if you are on windows.
Plugin latency issues? Phasing on parallel channels? Want to know the real latency of your audio interface? Try the VMG-01!
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