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Learning formal theory Vs.Imitation.

Well its been 2.5 years of staying focused on my hobby. I've learned some important basics of software synths/samplers, sound design, drum patterns, mixing and odds and ends. In addition understand to a degree how my favorite artists achieve things sonically speaking.

Now that I know how achieve sonic results better(much to learn), I have been wanting to actually finish projects and eventually make an album in time. But I feel I am missing a proper foundation e.g. the ability to write at all.

I use the exact same chord progressions in the major scale over and over which is probably okay to a degree, but I always end up with loops that could be bridges, choruses, outros,drops ect and I end up with a headache and frustration trying to glue stuff together. You probably see the dilemma.

In my case what would you recommend? What would have the best pay out?

1. Study formal music theory to the extent that I know why my artists songs sound complete and well executed.


2.Just study the music I like and attempt covers even if they are rough.


3. Do both. This would be fun but there is still so much to learn and master from sound design to mixing and time is limited.

Thanks for the input everybody who has been down this road.