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Originally Posted by paulrhead View Post
Help Please
If I use my condenser mic, sometimes it may record for a few seconds but it will then cut out with a message saying that a usb device is drawing too much power and device is now disconnected. This only happens when I use phantom power.
paulrhead: If you still have a power drain issue, please send us a e-mail support case.

I had missed this post back in October.
I hope Paul got the issues sorted, I can not find a support case in his name.
Some computers don't consistently provide enough power in the USB port, and Balance requires the maximum power all the time when it is started. A sure workaround is to connect it through a powered USB 2.0 hub.

Originally Posted by Imunybvtcr View Post
I can ONLY hear things in Reason [Essentials] but cannot use Balance stand-alone at all.
That is very strange. Since you mention ASIO, I guess you are using Windows. Have you installed Balance drivers version 1.1.0? Here's the link:

If you can use Balance from Reason (Is that Balance ASIO?), maybe the driver installation went wrong somehow. To be sure, first uninstall all Balance drivers from Control Panel -> Programs, then install the latest drivers.

If the drivers are installed and you can still only use Balance from Reason Essentials, then please send us a e-mail support case. I'll report any findings back in this thread.