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I acknowledge the phenomena so called "the Reason sound"... It's not that "crystal clear" as some other VSTi out there. Take for example the sharpest of them all, the holy grail of trance dunka dunka producers, the Lennar Sylenth.
If you are looking for such a sound you may be a bit disappointed with Reason.
You won't achieve that kind of sharpness within Reason.
But does it mean that Sylenth is superior to Reason?
Not for me. I really like it as it is (in ver. 6.0.2...).
Reason sound is raw, fat (yes it is!) and straight forward.
It has it's own, very nice indeed, but different from VSTi's like Sylenth, sound.
And why?
"Reason has always existed, but not always in a reasonable form" - Karl Marx