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Originally Posted by selig View Post
I'm not sure Thor being non-intuitive is to blame (nor am I suggesting that it is or isn't non-inutuitive). This comes down to a basic concept of polyphonic synths and the way voices are used, as RXTX effectively points out above.

There have been a few threads about how to create the effect you desire in Reason (start with THIS one), using both Thor and Subtractor as examples. The main issue it that you need a single Thor/Subtractor for each oscillator. I'm not sure there's a poly synth out there that's any different in this respect.

If you're interested in creating stuff like this in the future (noting your RE developer question in another thread) I would suggest getting a prototyping app like Reaktor (my personal choice for this sort of work) or others. It's been very educational for me, and also quite fun! :-)
Cheers man, I'll look up that thread. The Antidote RE is the best example of what I'm trying to accomplish. It has a 'spread' knob that appears to evenly disperse each oscillator's waveform outputs across the stereo field.


God ****ing damn it dude, I was supposed to have a chill evening tonight and instead that thread's gone and made me think I was on the right track. Now I'm going to be up till 2am again trying to make this work with Subtractors instead (which I had obviously incorrectly discounted as not being as good as the Thor for synthesis). AAarrgh nosleepforme.

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