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Originally Posted by kman6240 View Post
Good Day:

I have 3 q's today regarding sampling on reason:

1) Do I need recycle to sample vinyl record, and chop in to multiple parts to then load on to mpd32, or can I do so using the many samplers already built in reason?

2) How do I sample an .mp3 that I drop in from itunes/self-recorded?
3) Lastly: What is the best way to chop a sample, assign and use chops on my mpd32 pads?

Thx so much in advance for taking the time to help out new user!!!
1. Recycle doesn't record anything. It's main purposes is to chop wav/aiff files for re sequencing, effecting different chops, changing tempo, or getting groove out of sample, or even calculating the tempo of loop.

2. Some sort of mp3 to wav converter. iTunes actually can do it even. Another alternative is to use something like soundflower or total record to record your computer audio to a wav file Reason can read.

3. Recycle would probably be the quickest way to chop samples. From then you can use the Dr. OctoRex, NNXT, Or Kong to assign your slices so your pads can play them.