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I agree with most of what everyone's posting. on top of that, I'd like to see:

- for audio tracks, editable pitch in Edit Mode, overlayed onto the waveform (sort of how it's done in Digital Performer, for example). I just don't like using Neptune for pitch correction.
- markers (other than just L and R)
- better track color choices
- figure out a way to let users rename, or recolor tracks so that they automatically are updated in ALL views (track/transport/rack). I understand why this doesn't happen currently (because of different routing possibilities), but I feel like there could be a way to do this by allowing users to maybe change the behavior in Preferences, or maybe just prompting users for where they'd like the changes to go.
- auto-rewind when playback is stopped
- punch in and out
- different selectable fade/crossfade shapes
- crossfading without having to use the comp editor
- convince XLN Audio to make Addictive Drums into a Rack Extension, or at least create an improvement over Reason Drum Kits 2 (it's great, but could benefit from an upgrade). maybe a new Reason module specifically designed for realistic drums?
- built in iPhone/iPad/Android parameter control. make an app so that we can use our devices to interface directly with Reason to make tweaking settings even more fun and intuitive (especially if you don't have the space or money to buy another dedicated controller) - I know there are MIDI control apps out there already, but I'm talking something designed specifically for Reason, with that trademark Propellerhead magic.
- another 52 weeks of videos