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Originally Posted by Vasilis View Post
Thanks for the help. I appreciate it man and btw i watched the video and it is helpful enough.
As for the vu offset i change it as u mentioned, didnt actually know this, so i will re-do from scratch on this one.
Btw I posted the raw mix but i had to delete it as i dont want to have it exposed here. if u want i can pm it to u.
Sure pm me the raw mix down, i'd love to check it out. I like setting my vu offset to 0vu to -16 peak because it helps me not only keep some of the dynamics but also keep some headroom while mixing. When you move the offset knob the 0 moves on the ssl channels (in the mixer view). I keep an eye out on the mater faders meters and shoot for the vu to start around 0 with it going into the red during the loudest posts of the song. Keep in mind that this is only when I mix, mastering is a different story.