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Originally Posted by BEATBIZNESS View Post
I have stated im a new reason user. I need help In kong please. I cant get it to sample! Do I have to flip the rack and hook up something? I hit sample then hit the pads and it doesnt record.. smh. Also why cant I load samples into kong from the "other samples" folder...?? Any feedback from anyone who knows kong would be very helpful.. I want to chop and get them to my pads.. very frustrating. .. please help.
You're in the wrong forum, this kind of question is for general or users forum.

But I can try to help.... You are right! You do need to flip the rack and get whatever signal you need hooked up to the little orange "sampling input" section of the "hardware device" I think it's called (idk )

That "sampling input" on the back needs to be hooked up 1st and then, you can use any of the sampling buttons on kong, Redrum, nnxt, nn19....there is a "monitor" button too on the front, so you can hear what you are sampling.

What is the "other samples folder?" You mean in the browser on the left? I don't remember that one either but ill be at my pc in a minute..
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