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Originally Posted by FogstridEr View Post
Ha ha ha!

Well my thought was that you will be abel to sitt in the middle of everything instead of having everything in front of you. Come one guys try to think outside the box for a minute. I dont have the perfect solution but i defenetly think this coud be a pretty awsome way of creating music. Still having all those things going perfectly like in Reason but that you can have more controll over it. Butt ofourse it has to be controlled with mouse or pen but maybe in the future also with your own fingers?

I think this woud be awsome.
Nice artwork,but pointless.This is thinking "outside the box"?? More like thinking outside the confines of sanity.
It's simply not practical nor economically viable for Propellerhead to even consider,as NO ONE will be receptive to the enormous price tag of it!

Trust one and I do mean no one,gives a f**k about this,because there was a time when Reason had no flexibility,in terms of having adjustable graphical interface windows...but Propellerhead did a wonderful job of fixing this beyond that,there's really not much else to consider(except for maybe having interchangeable skins for the modules).

What's most important right now(at least for me,as well as a significant amount of Reason users),is the inclusion of an upgraded sample player,so Reason users can enjoy the same quality of sounds that Alchemy,Spectrasonic and Kontakt 4 users enjoy(without having to be bothered with Rewire).