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Reason Live… or something similar

I am a bit sick of using Ableton Live for my live performances. It has lost all its appeal because I find it clunky and it’s no fun anymore if you don’t create your music in Ableton. So I was thinking of switching to Reason, which I use for my production exclusively, getting exited… and then it struck me again… so obvious but it dimmed my enthusiasm big time… dongle… online verification… damn! Seriously, I don’t want to bring my one and only Reason dongle to a gig. It’s just not going to happen, period!

So, I was thinking, could there not be a slimmed down Reason-Live version that would require no dongle. This basic Reason-Live version would only be available if you purchased the full Reason version, however as a “side-program” would not require the Dongle or online verification. It would require obviously some form of verification but entirely offline based (like three validation questions/answers, code, username and password, etc.) and if Reason is not installed it would not work at all because it would not even be there.

Again, I know lots of people use Reason for performing live, fair enough and probably a lot of fun, but to lose the dongle in a nightclub or get it broken off by drunk people, no thank you!