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Originally Posted by JensenTNI View Post
A good synth sounds good even without tones of effects make to make it sound good. I have yet to find a synth in Reason that does exactly that: sound good without effects. Saying that, applying effects can make the Reason synths sound very good and in the end I guess it’s the results that count and not how they were achieved.

And yes, there IS such a thing as "The Reason Sound" absolutely yes. You can recognize it, you can hear when a Scream was applied, you can recognize a Malström synth and even the Reason Piano and string sound banks are recognizable. Is it everybody's cup of tea, certainly not but it’s an option nonetheless
What exactly is the "synth" to you? Like the oscillator or what? I guess you just don't see the modulators and effects settings in your hardware cause its some sub-menu... Also, if you only listen to presets you will always hear some sound, namely the preset designers taste.
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