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Originally Posted by nhsh View Post
But a Scream or a Malstrom doesn't sound like Reason Piano or string sound bank, like there's some inexplicable taint to the sound. So it's not a Reason sound. All your saying is different sound devices sound different. What do you want, a f---ing Nobel prize?
Sure, if you give me the f---ing Nobel prize, I take it

And no, you did not get what I was saying. Do you have a Scream or Malström in any other application than Reason? No. So its a Reason specific device/sound. Because without devices in Reason you will have no sound at all, yes? And the Reason Piano and String soundbanks where recorded for Reason and not Contact or whatever, so they are Reason specific as well. Sure, not the original pianos and strings that were recorded, that of course is not Reason specific. But the soundbacks have their own character. And I did not speak about taint, did I say anything dismissive about the sound? No, I said Reason typical and not in a negative way

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