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Talking MR Professional

Originally Posted by OMOMs View Post
Just a few points.
I've seen a 4000G Console and found it to look exactly like the Desk in Reason, except in Reason there's no grouping buttons. And by exactly I mean everything. The colours, Master compressor faders etc. (Ok not the pan knobs...)
Why would you want to have Send faders instead of knobs? can you mock up how exactly you envision it? I haven't seen Send faders on any console I've seen (not ever so many).
I don't wanna argue with you, since you are entitled to have whatever opinion you desire, but talking about being professional, do you think a brush can be professional, or the guy the who wields it? Can a Hammer be more professional, than the one using it? Should it maybe be hammering on its own? Will a professional brush paint a picture on it's own?
As far as I've learned it, professional means paying your bills. And I'd love Reason to do that!
I'm just riding on the word here, because it doesn't actually reflect what I believe you're wanting to express, and I agree: Reason could seriously use grouping, MIDI out, and what not.
But there's people out there making 'professional' stuff with Reason (and yes that includes mixing and mastering).
So I don't want to tear you apart or anything, nor am I a vulture, but seven exclamation marks do not look professional either (as a matter of fact, Terry Pratchett says if one makes more than five exclamation marks on is to be considered crazy).
.........your entire response is unprofessional.

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