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Originally Posted by ryszard View Post
Raymond, I just ordered a copy of The Artist's Digital Presence, a guide to online promotion, from Oasis (the CD manufacturing people at They're mailing a free hard copy, plus there's a downloadable PDF. See if you can get it from them directly. If not maybe I can get the PDF to you.
Great info - thanks for that Richard!

Originally Posted by UberJimm View Post
Awesome! You guys make a hell of team. Can't wait to hear more!
Thanks Jimm! A new one in progress at the moment. We're having a lot of fun with it!

Originally Posted by shiny64 View Post
thanks for the tech info....I have sorted it out now, I had my sample rate maxed out to 192,0000 ! just lowered that to 96,000 and seems to be fine now

thanks again
Wow! Impressive sample rate!! Great you have it sorted! Now let's have a listen to some of your music