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Originally Posted by WestAm View Post
1. I would like to see the SSL console get a color scheme re-work....possibly make it look more like the real console. 2. Send faders as opposed to knobs. Re-model the channels/buss section cross talk, I say this because the Reason SSL sounds nothing like the real console or any of it's modeled competitors, in which there are a few that sound a lot more believable (and yes I have used the analog 9000 a few of times). If you are going to bring SSL to the table at least be competitive. 3. Bring the SSL EQ and Buss comp to the rack as independent devices. 4. I would like to see Reason more engineer friendly by that I mean more believable in sound to it's analog counterpart. 5. Re-visit the channel compressors.......they are I hate to say....horrible IMO. 6. Put a mono switch on the master channel. 7. The option to select different pan laws for better mono translation. 8. Have quality control for the RE Dept. and be more selective about what kind of junk you are allowing to be put in the RE shop. I say this because I have tried just about every thing in the RE shop and IMO 90% of the RE's are absolute crap, almost like anyone and everyone that has the capabilities to create RE's has license to hurry up and put out some cheap ass BS. Now before all the vultures get ahold of this and try to pull me apart...just know that while my words at times can seem harsh, I have been a long time reason user and fan, and ...well this is the future suggestion forum after all. Oh and please propeller heads let's step it up to the professional level. When Record and Reason 6 came out it was all ..WOW and AHH....
but a few months later you start to realize that...well this really isn't professional at all when it comes to mixing (absolutely for music making I won't contest that) but not all of us are music makers and I think someone out there ought to pay attention to that. I DONT want to use a different D.A.W.! adapt reason to fit everyones needs not just the music makers!!!!!!! Wheew ok I'm done now. Cheers!!!!!!!!!
I have to say that I don't care for the channel compressors that much. The meters seem inaccurate and the meters have no markings.

Don't know how the sound compares to the original though but I have a Neve 88rs UAD plugin and I absolutely love it although it is a totally different console.

I don't like Reason's pan law as well. The UAD manual stated the SSL uses a -4.5 db pan law. I think REASONS mixer is 0 db and most other DAWS are -3db and many are configurable.

I don't mind the send knobs but I think our sends/returns should be infinite. I haven't needed more than 8 in a project but I get near that number often and hate getting near limits. 16 would be more Reasonable.

I do like the EQ and master compressor though.

I honestly think though the mixer would have been better if it was less "SSL like" and more "modern DAW" like. Reasons mixer can be a bit too big and unwieldy. Compare with something like REAPER or ABLETON which are more simple, streamlined, more send/returns and quicker in terms of doing groups and such.

I don't care that they lack EQs or compressors because that is what plug-ins are for.