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How does 12,500 PX patches sound?

I've worked through converting more DX banks than you can shake a stick at. The end result is this collection of original DX7 patches now in PX format, ready for anyone to use.

The first collection contains 30 banks of voices from the old DX Owners Club, which, for several years I was an active member alongside a few others. Between us, we helped Tony Wride (founder) to operate the club. Originally, it was purely for UK members, but that soon changed once we hooked up with people in Japan. That started the whole thing literally going global. Obviously, 30 banks doesn't sound much now. Others will exist out there, somewhere, probably stored in a garage.
Along with those are collections for TX816, TX812 & DX5, which use the same parameters as those of a standard DX7. More for reference, really, there's a bank of DX9 voices. That's the 4-operator implementation of FM Synthesis. It also had a few parameters less than for any of the 6-operator FM synths.

My suggestion is that you start there, and it is like going back in time to around 1983-85, when DXOC was gaining ground and membership.
I've not made a flashy demo, There is one and it speaks for itself, showing how a TX816 was recommended to be set up, by Yamaha, There are simple combinators to match TX816, TX812 and DX5. No need to be flash with any of them. They are starting points only.

And so, here we go......

Please note - I take no credit for any of the voices. (I do know which originated from me amongst all of these.) They are issued in the same spirit as we did with DXOC (later to evolve into the X-Series Owners Club). They are free, belonging to the Public Domain.

Back when we issued any banks or voices, there would be a charge for postage & package. Sometimes there was the basic cost of a RAM cartridge, but most sent their own in. We'd also use several computer formats as well, like on data-cassette. ( I can see some of you smile at that!)
The DXOC was set up as a non-profit organisation, for members, by members. That's all I've done here, keeping the spirit alive once more.

No need for cartridges or cassettes (or floppy disks). No postage & package.
Nothing paid out, nothing to recover. My time was given to help others.