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Lightbulb Electronic drugs the future?

Hi all, Im 34 years old, and have been listening to rave and dance music for over 20years now and have been making music on and off in that time too. I had a brain wave the other day when I heard of a technology called tdcs or tms which is a brain magnetic stimulation that is a device that you put on your head and it can induce different highs to the mind, some report euphoria, caffeine six times stronger or being on amphetimines, at the moment it is used for to treat depression, addictions to chemical drugs and alcohol and can treat pain all through an electronic device! So the brainwave I had was what if we could add this to music and have an ecstacy effect while listening to some banging rave techno, what if we had a device we could sequence different highs at different times to our music, we wouldn't be just sequencing sound but sequencing our emotions and highs too! This would be a discovery better than the electric synth or sub bass! This would add flavour to music don't you think? I think this would be the future! Opinions please?