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Question Headphones/Monitors Dilemna

Hey all, I wonder if anyone could offer up some advice—

Currently I have a pair of Sennhesier HD25's and a Focusrite Sapphire 6, both of which I'm thinking of selling as my Sapphire 6 doesn't offer up much headroom (I'm not sure whether or not I have a faulty unit) and find the HD25's far from ideal for mixing (or any headphones at all for that matter).

I've been thinking of getting some monitors for a small setup up at home (deciding between the Rockit 5's and HS50Ms) but my room is tiny and boxy and will end up being expensive to treat, and I would only really have a few hours on a weekend to let them rip (due to work during the week and having people in the house to consider).

Should I go for another pair of headphones and a better soundcard/headphone amp, or am I wasting my time and should just go for the monitors although my room is far from ideal?
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