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Any DJs here? 2 mixer choices - need help

I'm looking for a starter home mixer a cut above the cheap Numarks and $100 what nots, and so I'm torn between two models. I've seen many compare the two in other forums, but the opinions seem quite divided and I'm just curious if any fellow Resonites have an opinion on the matter.

The two mixers in question are Allen & Heath Xone: 22 vs Pioneer DJM-250.

The only irony is that I actually owned the A&H Xone:22 for a few months last year, but then sold it because I felt I wasn't using it frequently enough and to help fund buying Reason 6.5 lol... I miss spinning records on my 2 decks and before buying the same mixer back I did some more research and found the Pioneer to be appealing for its simplicity and supposed durability & reputation. I know that A&H has a great rep for the higher end but there's a lot of talk about how the lower end models are made in China and have a lot of sound imperfection issues, even though it seems to be built sturdy. While I did really like the Xone: 22, I'm open to trying a different mixer but I don't need all the effects, etc... just something sturdy, reliable, and 10" or less in width to fit my coffin... thoughts?


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