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Originally Posted by carlgrace View Post
Believe me I understand that.

It's like in songwriting. The simplest songs are by far the hardest to right.

It was quite listenable... I used to love Jungle music in the mid-90s (before it was called Drum N Bass). I remember the old Future Music CDs often had Jungle drum loops that I would try to use in my Synthpop (and sometimes succeeded!)
Any tracks of yours you can point me to in that regard? I must say I'm quite intrigued.

I often wish I'd been old enough to enjoy the rise of rave culture in the 80s and 90s. Seems like the whole scene would be far more exciting than it is now (of course there are still a few geniuses out there pushing the envelope), witnessing the genesis of Aphex, Orbital Autechre etc. would have been fantastic.

It's never easy to predict which tracks are going to be a chore to produce. Most of my best stuff has taken no more than a day or two to get down - conversely my hard drive is full of unlistenable crap that I've spent weeks working on. Inspiration makes all the difference!
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