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Originally Posted by hamst3rf1sh View Post
Any tracks of yours you can point me to in that regard? I must say I'm quite intrigued.

I often wish I'd been old enough to enjoy the rise of rave culture in the 80s and 90s. Seems like the whole scene would be far more exciting than it is now (of course there are still a few geniuses out there pushing the envelope), witnessing the genesis of Aphex, Orbital Autechre etc. would have been fantastic.

It's never easy to predict which tracks are going to be a chore to produce. Most of my best stuff has taken no more than a day or two to get down - conversely my hard drive is full of unlistenable crap that I've spent weeks working on. Inspiration makes all the difference!
I always thought rave culture seemed much more exciting in the UK. On my side of the pond it was a lot of fun but we mixed a lot of UK records (808 State, Altern 8, and the like) with some of our own Chicago and Detroit stuff (Richard Saunderson or whatever his name was). We had good fun but I think we were kind of ape-ing UK culture haha.

As for the synthpop I don't have anything that I did in that era online but if you really are interested I'd be happy to email you a couple of tracks. PM me your address and I'll send them on. One of the tracks I'm really proud of. It's a version of an old English lute song by John Dowland. I performed it live a couple of times (no guitars and no live drums so it was just me on stage)... sounded great. The album it was on is Loooooonng out of print so no worries sending you the track.

New Pacific Deep track, Expire. Album out soon!

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