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Originally Posted by twink View Post
I can't believe how much I'm loving the States of Music - Memory refill! I don't normally gush in the forums, and I'm in no associated with the seller, but this is the refill I've been waiting for. It's definitely not for everyone but if you love old weirdo synthesizers I wouldn't hesitate in buying it. I would have paid full price for almost any one of the 12 patch banks alone. It's a great demonstration of how creative and deep you can go in Reason's native synths.

The programming is amazing and each patch is well realized. Every Combinator is extremely versatile and offers a big variety of sounds with just a little knob turning. (How great is a knob named "You Broke It"?)

It's like having a big box of unusual thrift store gear. I hear influences of old Casio and Yamaha keyboards (Casio CZ in particular), cheezy home organs run through strange guitar pedals, the Pocket Piano, vintage Atari and Nintendo games, broken electronic toys, and tons of funny Moog voices. The pads are all atypical and imaginative, with some Boards of Canada style haziness. There's a LOT of character here.

I can't wait to start making songs with this!

[Gushing over.]
An endorsement is only as good as the reputation of the endorser. And you sir, I hold in very high esteem. I will check out the refill immediately.
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