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For the logical extreme of electronic drugs, check out this Wikipedia article on the "droud," a fictional device that connects directly to the brain. In author Larry Niven's universe, users are known as "wireheads,"

I actually experienced an early form of what the OP is describing in the late 1980s. An inventor in north Georgia (USA) has created a device which aligns with the chakra points of the body and injects frequencies via sonar transducers which are designed to produce a centering, meditative effect. In my case it did so quite dramatically. The effect lasted for weeks.

Flashing forward, Sony is said to have developed a technology for simulating odors during movies which is somehow transmitted into the human brain. Wonder how long that will be legal, or what three-letter government agency will appropriate it for their own uses?

You really need to be careful when playing directly with the brain. Who is in control of the programming, and what are their motives? The effects are as likely to be destructive as pleasurable, just as with synthetic drugs today. For now I'll take my stimulation from music indirectly, just as we have for millenia--through the ears and body, and filtered through the mind and spirit.

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