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Originally Posted by dbragz View Post
If you are going to mix in an untreated room, you might be better off with audiophile headphones. When I'm not at my studio, I'm mixing on Beyerdynamic T1 headphones and they translate very well. They are accurate and you can hear where the bass sits in the mix unlike other headphones
See this is what I thought initially and I know it is definitely possible to get decent mixes on headphones alone, I'm having a right struggle at the moment though and I don't know if this is down to me or whether I need a flatter pair of headphones for mixing, or monitors. I can get my mixes sounding good in my HD25s but they just don't translate, I always loose my low end and the stereo image is always too narrow or way too wide.

Those T1s look amazing however, might be a bit out of price range though!
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