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Originally Posted by AvatarOne View Post
Thanks for listening. I think you might be right about the snare, although it is supposed to lack mid-range punch, compared to a snare in a dubstep track. I wanted a sharp understated snare. I'll look at that again though. You might prefer the snare in this one:

The intro has to be very very short, 1 bar max, so that is trickier to change - I'll look at it though.

I was unaware of the limitation to a 1 bar intro. That indeed is tricky. In that case it would be quite difficult to get something smooth that quick.

My ears have normalized to a dubstep snare now so anything that isn't as punchy sounds a tad funny to me lol.

The second track was nice. The snares did sound similar but call me crazy it was a bit more present and punchy.