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4 simple things we NEED :D

#1 I would like to input a direct value into parameter... lets say i wanna reduce 4Khz 5 db.. I wanna just double click and type -5 ...even holding shift it can be tedious to match several parameters ... being able to directly type in an exact value would be superb! I'm surprised you all haven't added this just by using Reason yourselves.

#2 Can we please get a way to hide mixer channels/group?

#3 ZOOM!! One advantage pro tools has is that you can zoom audio very big "JUMBO" as they put it, and changes are real time.. so seeing the waveform change after and effect would be super helpful. Also being able to just zoom in general.. working w/ knobs and things of the sort but my #1 would also help w/ that as well..

#4 Keep up the amazing work you do!