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Gargantula! A metal song about catching a spider...

Ever been sitting on a summer's night, getting ready for bed but suddenly discovering a wee spider on your ceiling? Do you ever tell people later of your nightmare but over exaggerate the size of the spider? I have written a song about such a moment and called the spider Gargantula, a mix of the words gargantuan and tarantula.

I won't really say I feeeeeeear spiders but I'm not a fan of catching them either.

This song was inspired by a factual and terrifying event I had to endure one night.

Also, I know I'm shit at mixing and mastering and all that but this was made entirely inside Reason (I didn't use POD Farm externally) along with Reason drum kits 2. I played all the guitars and attempted the vocals myself as well :P

I await your scorn

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