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Originally Posted by kylelee View Post
OP wants one master note and gate cv output combo to wire out the back of redrum in addition to the 10 gate outputs with no cv note. CV in monophonic by design but something along these lines would be nice to have. The CV cables and outputs should remain but also add some new "polyphonic capable upgrade" cables that use the existing cv outputs. Or maybe just add virtual MIDI cables inside the Rack. Then you need MIDI out, MIDI in, MIDI merge/splitter, and MIDI modify devices
Right,with the ability to select which notes you want on each channel. I have a 808 kick thor patch that when played on my triton thru midi one kick cuts off the other for dangerous low-end muti kicks that would phase or clash with each other when trying to use samples. The problem is i don't play drums manually so I'm trying to find a work around. If they added this feature my problems would be solved,with the addition of a link button for all patterns.

Edit: They could add a knob for each channel that lets you select notes like in thors step sequencer.
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