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I'd actually love to see an intelligent notch mode that automatically "senses" the amount of possible values present (i.e. from the min/max values set by the programmer) and chop the knob up accordingly. That would be great.

Another thing I'd like to see is a TOGGLE switch mode for the buttons that would not only go to the min/max value of the programmer but actually jump between the values in between each time you press the button. This would enables you to "cycle" through different modes for instance with just one button.

Also, it would be great if the rotary and button actually displayed the actual parameter being controlled, and it's current value, when hoovering with the pointer on that button/rotary.

And... I'd like to be able to double click the MIN and MAX values in the programmer to enter the value manually, that would be super useful.

Finally I still want to be able to right-click on any device inside a Combinator and from the context menu be able to choose "Assign Parameter to Combinator 1: Rotary 1..." etc. That would truly be helpful.

But like titof says, maybe we can wish for a new Combinator instead...