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Originally Posted by chou View Post
even if it seems a great idea I'm not sure I would want another console mixer,

why ?

good emulation are CPU intensive, and the mixer inside reason is more about emulating the functions than emulating the sound of a SSL console,

don't get me wrong, I love it, it does what it is intended to do, but clearly It doesn't have the "punchy" effect a true SSL console has,

so what bring another neve or harrison console ?

less functionality with the exact same neutral sound to keep CPU usage low,

instead of that to be able to put RE inside the insert of the console is the best compromise IMHO.

More RE from softube, fx pansion ... is perhaps a better solution to add some famous tools as emulation

Would be nice to have the choice though i think.

Perhaps it could be possible for the desk to be made modular in that you could pick perhaps the input from a neve desk, eq from a harrison and comp/dynamics from an API?
Or you could simply pick the 'neutral' modules to keep CPU low

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