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Question Mastering files with automated tempo changes?

I'm working on a song in which I hope to use automated tempo shifts -- a slower intro that will jump up by 30 bpm when the main song starts.

The drums will be created using RDK, and I will be recording live instruments (guitar, bass, vocals) onto that.

I will be mixing the whole thing in Reason and applying compression, reverb and delay in the mix. Then, I will be exporting the track as an AIFF and re-importing the audio file into a new project for mastering. This is my usual workflow.

However, I've never tried this with a song where the tempo changes.

I know the tempo of the new project in which I'm mastering has to match the tempo of the song as it was exported -- so if I create a new mastering project for a song exported at 200 bpm, the mastering project should also be at 200 bpm.

I assume that, for a song with tempo changes, I can simply copy those tempo change automations into the new mastering project, so the mastering project tempo will match that of the source file, even with the changes. No problem there.

My question is this: Will that wreak havoc with any reverb and delay that is happening at the point where the tempo shifts? What about the live instrument tracks themselves? Will I get an audible time-strech effect?

Has anyone out there tried this sort of thing?

I'm going to make a test recording later this week and see how it works, but I wanted to throw this question out there. I don't want to get too far into this song only to discover that the tempo change will be a deal-breaker.

Thanks for any help/advice/suggestions...