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Originally Posted by TunedAgent View Post
I'll bite...

I don't use midi files so much, but they are a great way to get some drummy inspiration. My small problem is the silly way Reason inports them, so I've been looking for a good free midi file player to listen to them before import without much success.

Any suggestions?

You get over 3000 MIDIs with the soft - let alone the additional MIDI packs. You can sync to your tempo, halve the speed, double it, etc... and just Drag-n-Drop on a track like Lego blocks. Of course, you need to load this in a DAW that allows VSTs (pretty much anything but Reason) and you can export the track as a .mid and then import it in Reason.

RDK has nice drums, it's just the implementation that sucks (and the provided MIDI files which is ridiculously tiny) because you cannot preview the MIDIs, and when you import them, it loads a new device which you have to delete and move the MIDI clip to the good track.

If you go RDK, it's for the quality of the drums/samples.
If you go down the MIDI road, it's not worth the hassle.