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You people must have good eyesight, or better glasses!

The ONLY reason I am not continuing my use of REASON is that the rack dials and buttons are too small to see.

Yes I made the rack it's own window.
Yes I dragged the rack window as big as it gets.
Yes I changed my screen resolution to enlarge the window.
Yes I own a big monitor.
Yes I get my glasses updated regularly.
Yes I have a HD video card in the pc and use digital signals to the monitor.

That should be enough!

Still can't see those buttons well enough for long hours of use.

Cannot believe that the rack has a finite width hard wired into the software.

Ridiculous oversight.

If the rack is ever made capable of filling my screen horizontally, so all those cool buttons, knobs and their written descriptions are big and readable, I would come back to REASON.

So long.