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Which product to use?

Greetings all! While I've been doing DAW recordings for a good while now, I'm moving toward using software synths and sampling for live performance, so I need a new piece of software to do it. I'm the singer/keyboardist for a rock cover band, currently using a Korg M50 as my primary machine - which does almost everything I need it to except play back user-built samples. I've gotten my keyboard and laptop to talk to each other successfully (I made use of the Kontakt 5 Player demo, and had good luck for about 15 minutes before the demo lock-out happened), so all I need now is a software package that will listen for MIDI commands from the keyboard and play back samples I provide. I've been toying with the idea of getting full soft-synth package, and it looks as though if I want a reliable tool for my sampling, this is the route to go.

A handful of people have recommended I look at Reason. Will Reason Essentials do what I'm trying to? Will ReCycle? From what I've read, my purpose is not what ReCycle was intended for. This is such a simple function for a lot of higher synth programs that many don't even make mention of it.

Let me know what you guys think. Thanks!