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Originally Posted by Whagi View Post
I'm heavily influenced by the 80's. Original monophonic analog synth sound. I think that is pretty obvious when listening to any of my tracks here:

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Enjoy em all.... :O)
Most of these tunes have an 80's vibe & of course,the synths sound impeccably authentic...but it's all housed in dance music of a later era.

Tempest in particular,would be an authentic 80's song,if it was done in the new wave genre & would sound great with vocals.

Not that these tunes aren't great dance songs-as indeed they are,but I generally prefer new wave.

Absolutely fantastic choice of presets and/or programming and if I may,could I ask you what you programmed & what presets you chose?

Reason I ask,is that some of the presets I don't recognize and I was wondering if you used a particular Refill and/or something from one of the Rack Extensions like Antidote?

I'm seriously considering adding Antidote to my arsenal...