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Originally Posted by JensenTNI View Post
What was never clear to me and I could not find in the really convoluted Rawtech Midi-Out thread was, could you actually use a hardware synth in Reason? Like play it, and record the sound the way it comes out of the synth and control it like you would with a real DAW like Cubase for example and therefore use it as an instrument in Reason? Sorry if that was answered already, just could not see it then
Yeah you could do exactly that. You needed two sequencer tracks, one for the MIDI/RE and another as the audio input from the synth. But yeah, I happily did it for a few weeks, recorded stuff no problem with my Nord Lead 2X. It looked like it was going to be the solution we were looking for, but it became clear there was never going to be any support from props for it for seemingly petty reasons. The tech worked though. I decided to just get logic and do it properly, still finding Reason occasionally useful for some FX though.
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